street cats cyprus

Street cats. Free cats. Wild and wily.

I love them all.

I know their motivations are completely selfish and they aren’t looking for any emotional connection usually, like most dogs, which is what I really like about them actually. Don’t need your love, just your food. Masters of their own fates. Captains of their souls. Do you think animals have souls? I do.

I love places that allow street cats (and dogs), or feral cats as they are also known. I wish all animals would be free to be as they are without being locked up by fellow earthlings (that’s us), but what can I do? Isn’t it a bit selfish for one species to take another for their own pleasure? Also, feral colonies/communities do not actually spread disease like a lot of people fear. For example, the number one form of transmission of toxoplasmosis per the CDC is not from feral cats, its from eating undercooked meat.

street cats cyprus

These fellas we met going through Cyprus, in different towns, cafes, streets, etc. Always working their subtle or sometimes not so subtle charm to get to a piece of grub. Such beautiful creatures though, like a mini sized mountain lion that doesn’t post the same level of danger. Although, random tip – if you fight back against a mountain lion, they are more likely to leave you alone and run off than if you run away or back down.

They make me think of the movie, The Aristocats, which if you can believe it now came out in 1970! One of my favorite movies though, “everybody wants to be a cat”…

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