Aphrodite’s birthplace – cyprus

As the Cypriot version of the legend of Aphrodite would have it…she was born of the sea foam on these turquoise shores, photographed below. Ahh the luscious greek mythology…

legend of Aphrodite, the beach where she was born

A favorite thing of mine…stories.

What would life be without stories?

Life is a story.

We have so many ways to tell it now. In school, as much as I disliked school, mythology and legends was never boring. Gods, humans, creatures, good and evil. It was exciting. The human condition is exciting. Interesting is another word. Stories told are reflections of the human condition. And reflections of an ancient human culture (albeit still very much the same today) are very interesting stories.

legend of Aphrodite, the beach where she was born

SO the legend of Aphrodite goes…the Greek goddess of beauty, love, and other things, set foot on these very rocks we walked across. It was arguably one of the most beautiful beaches we came across. She continued further onto the island of Cyprus and potted around for awhile. The area, behind the coast, is a hilly terrain named Aphrodite’s Hills, dedicated to the goddess that graced this island with her presence.

legend of Aphrodite, the beach where she was born

Aphrodite’s birthplace is about twenty ish minutes south of Pafos or Paphos. This is a quite popular beach and although it was low season for the area, there were still many people milling about. It’s a cute touristy place to go and say that you’ve walked the same shores where the famous goddess of beauty was born, but if you want a quiet beach to yourself, this is not that. I’d go here for that.

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