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Southwest Cyprus – an escape.

Escape is the wrong word. Explore warmer sunnier places with little to none mobile phone use whilst Britain hibernates under the blanket chill of winter…that’s better. Cyprus…a place I knew little about, but the past that led me to the present of having the privileged chance to travel here, I am happy for. Little did I know all the history held on this spring-point in the Aegean Sea. If you want to read more about the history, I’d recommend a few books:

Cyprus: A Modern History – by William Mallison

Yes, books are inherently biased. So I’d read a few. It depends on which perspective the book is written. There is the Greek side, the Turkish side, the British side, the Cypriot side, and on and on.

The history is not as pretty as the island, I can tell you that. Greek and Turkish bloodbaths and the standard British imperialism plus sprinkle in some American interests and you have a nasty cauldron where the people that actually LIVE there get caught in the middle.

But this is a photography blog, not a history blog, and I’ll leave my rambling to a minimum and just show you some pretty pictures 🙂

These are all from the southwest coastal road, heading north from Pafos (Paphos). No phones, no GPS. Just simply driving along the coast and following the road signs.

Since we had no destination other than to simply enjoy the turquoise colors of the Aegean Sea, we found ourselves making a few stops along the drive in some amazing pull-offs. These are just a couple of the stops…

Look at that water!! My gosh, what a stunning place. The southwest Cyprus coast did not disappoint.

Something that also did not disappoint…spending time in good company without mobile phone use…something that is extremely toxic on the norm when overused…

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