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Men’s Fashion – A chilly London day

A men’s fashion photo shoot – It was a cold cold winter day and the consensus by the end of the shoot was, let’s definitely do this again…but when its warmer!!

London is an amazing city…despite the pollution, it’s a beautiful, vibrant place. A playground for creative people. The varied architecture from historical to modern leaves many an interesting backdrop for portraits. This is Andrew and we did a men’s fashion dance TFP shoot together near Monument Station in London. Just in this one area, each way you turn is an interesting place to shoot. With portraits, you can really make any place work for you.

Just a quick comment about men’s fashion…from my experience alone (and this is different for everyone) there is a disproportionate amount of women’s fashion and female models in the photographer/model world. As someone with strong ‘equalist’ (not to be confused with the modern mainstream version of feminism) feelings, I’d like to see this more even and see more male models taking part in photography workshops, photo group meetups, etc. to have a balance, and this is something I’m working on in my own portfolio as well.

For portraits, I love looking for leading lines as an element to place people in, like the one just above here. It creates drama and pulls you into and through the frame. This street is actually right around the corner from the famous St. Dunstan In the East, now a photographer/Instagram paradise, so much so, that I almost don’t like to go there now as its way overshot/overused.

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