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london winter fashion model

If you look at these london winter fashion photos, would you think they were taken in the middle of one of the largest cities in Europe? London fascinates me. A massive playground for creatives. Moving through the streets, there are surprises one after the other for the newcomer. What an amazing city to walk. So on the topic, we did a photo shoot near the St. Paul’s tube station, almost across the street. This is the one by Cafe Nero. One thing that I learned quickly in London, there are many tube stations that have many exits and they can be far apart! So someone can tell you to meet them at St. Paul’s underground station, or Bank station exit, but which one you have to ask?!?!

Anyways, this photo shoot was with the Creative Eye photographers, a meetup and workshop group in London. What I really love about this group is that it is clean. Everything is safe for work and the organizer is very professional and respectful. Most of the workshops I’ve been on have been street style outside in London and you really have to be ‘safe for work’ when on the streets anyways. I don’t have to worry about the organizer (s) wanting to do a lingerie set, which I really don’t want and have no use for in my portfolio. (I have shot a few of these in the past and just really did not like it and will not be doing anymore) I get that it’s in the industry today and the whole less or no clothes thing can be an ‘art form’ and I might annoy a few people by saying this, but can we please stop focusing so damn much on a woman (or men too, but really come on) without clothes in erotic and suggestive poses? I’m very tired of seeing photographers just posting/creating work with only scantily clad women or in poses where they might be barely clothed, but its a really sexual pose. It’s not fine art. It’s not women’s liberation. It’s porn. Just google the definition of porn…the shoe fits. We are overloading audiences and society with sexual content and its destructive. Agree/disagree with me? Send me a note πŸ™‚ I respect your opinion and would hope you respect mine.

After that, I’d just like to promote elegance, class, strength, individuality, confidence, self respect, dignified fashions, etc. So there we are, highly recommend these workshops if you want to learn about portraits, street fashion, working with models in a professional manner, use of flash…

london winter fashion model

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