Portable flash has added something to my photography I thought I’d never get, but there you are, never say never. I haven’t really dug into learning about flash before this past fall. Only using it when I had to for a wedding, I practiced a bit but mostly prayed that it worked and it did! I like to keep things simple and light, so prefer to shoot natural light in the daylight. Guess that’s the street photographer in me (which is where I started in photography!). I’ve also tried different sets and triggers and can never really get a handle on setting up the trigger to my camera. I’m also rubbish at following directions.

Recently I’ve been joining some meetups where the organizer kindly brings a portable flash set up out with us on the streets of London and shows us how to use it/gives us tips. The trigger is universal, so you just pop it on the camera and it just magically connects. Maybe not magically, sure there’s loads of interesting technical mumbo jumo behind it, but to me its like magic. It’s amazing!! Seeing how flash can completely change the look of a portrait and add so much drama, and in the daytime!

street style fashion portrait taken with portable profoto flash
street style fashion portrait taken with portable profoto flash

The way the flash really flatters the skin on the face as well is something that I was impressed by. I have not touched up any of the model’s skin here. Firstly because she has great skin! Secondly because the flash smooths it anyways. This really works for me because I don’t touch up skin directly anyways. I use a little bit of fading which helps make it look smoother, but that’s really it.

street style fashion portrait taken with portable profoto flash

I am now saving up to purchase my own portable flash set up (a serious one) that I can take when I do my own personal shoots! Thanks to Ahsan who set up this workshop at the group link below, check it out! Click here also to see more portrait work from London.

With The Creative Eye Photographers – instagram

Model: Georgia – instagram

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