Street style ballerina portrait with Paulien Broens. This was a workshop led by Andrew at London Photography Social and it was fabulous! There were only four or three other photographers and we each had 1 to 1 time working with Paulien to try to capture your own ideas without having other people shoot over you, which is never fun in workshops.

Before moving to London, I did not experienced the level and quantity of portrait meetup groups that were available as Boston, being a smaller city, has much less of this going on. The portrait meetups really helped me get out of my comfort zone and get comfortable working with models, giving direction, letting the creativity flow while in a group setting which I love. I also met so many other photographers as well doing this which is so great to make connections after moving across the pond, not knowing anyone in London.

street style ballerina portrait

For this shoot with Paulien we started at the Royal Exchange in London and ended up in the Guild Hall. Both were fantastic locations to shoot, although sometimes you have to be considerate of the security guards as they have a job to do and we are not allowed to shoot in some places. There are soooo many great locations in London that photography is not allowed, or you need a commercial permit, which is really too bad! But alas, we made it through this shoot with no security issues.

street style ballerina portrait
street style ballerina portrait

Since it was really cold so I shot a lot with the jacket on and actually I preferred it! I love that elegant meets city sleek or moto jacket rebel vibe. Fashions that criss cross vibes are my thing. Chic and chabby ha! A bit cliche now though. The jacket also helps with the street style ballerina portrait vibe. I really love shooting street style. I think it’s become my favorite new type of photography, street style fashion.

ballerina portrait

Model – Paulien Broens, ballerina and student, check her out @paulien_b

Workshop – London Photography Social, at @londonphotographysocial

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