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Portra 400 35mm – MY first pHOTOGRAPHS

Ah the fabulous Portra 400…

We were in the middle of a workshop and I had already shot most of a roll of Fujifilm Superia 400 35mm. Then, we moved locations and landed right next to a camera store. It had also started to rain. So what was the obvious next course of action? Go inside!

What did I come out with? Five rolls of Portra 400! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Before this, I’ve never bought Portra as I thought it was just too expensive for someone who was not shooting professionally and also learning. Which is valid. But today was the day.

Yes, buying film in a camera shop in London is going to come at a premium, it was 50 ‘pounds’ as Londoners might say (I still have trouble calling pounds, dollars!). This is about the same price that I’ve found it online and if I’m going to buy film, I want it to be from a local shop. If I can afford a coffee shop coffee everyday, I can give that up, have my instant black coffee, and pay a bit to get film from a brick and mortar where I can have a real interaction with someone, maybe a smile, maybe a laugh, or even maybe some old fashioned advice and thoughts and conversation. πŸ™‚ I’d much rather that than the cold dark isolated world that is online shopping (gotta sprinkle in some dramatization).

Here are a couple of the results from my first experience with this famous film. I can see why it is the gold standard in portraiture.

portrait taken with portra 400 film
portrait taken with portra 400 film
portrait taken with portra 400 film

The real test is would I buy it again?

Only if I had a job or client that wanted me to shoot film. I still love other less expensive films, and am still exploring which film stock I like to work with best. But I do know that if I had to do professional work in film, this would be it. Plus the costs would be covered by the job/client!

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