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This creative winter fashion photoshoot was street style in London and it was fabulous. Working with Chloe was great and we got loads of dramatic, emotive portraits! Starting at the Royal Exchange and moving to the Guild Hall, this seems to be a popular route, but its worth it because there are so many different urban elements to shoot in.

I really admire people that express themselves creatively and artistically in general, but especially with tattoos. It’s totally badass and there is something that interests me about them. I don’t have any because I’m really a chicken on the inside, but I really like seeing the different body artwork that people design. It is quite powerful and significant.

I really enjoy the challenge of doing a small group workshop photoshoot with up to four other photographers, where each person gets their own 1 on 1 time to work with the model. If you go last or others go before you, and its in the same location, its a challenge to find a different idea. I think it pushes me to find something totally different and really dig into that creative flow, whereas if its just me and a model, I might do the more obvious choice and not dig too hard.

Model: Chloe – @tinkfacerh on Instagram!

Creative Winter Fashion Photoshoot Workshop: The Creative Eye Photographers

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